2016 Interclub Season - Age Group Awards

  Best Performer Most Improved Most Consistent
U/6 Girl Macey Cole Tamisha Upson Olivia Thompson
U/6 Boy Jordyn Delaney - -
U/7 Girl Harli Lennon Sienna Marsland Grace Mills
U/7 Boy Blayze Jones Kang Li -
U/8 Girl Swayde Cole - -
U/8 Boy Bailey Thompson - Jakob Laughlin
U/9 Girl Bridget Koczek Jaime-Lee Jones Alannah Upson
U/9 Boy Ben Hayes Aiden Smith Leonard Harrington
U/10 Girl Freya Brown Tia Marsland Emily Smith
U/10 Boy Shannon Delaney - -
U/11 Girl - - -
U/11 Boy Riley Barker Dan Li James Newman
U/12 Girl Sapphire Harrison-Corney - Georgia Simonsen
U/12 Boy Ethan Buchanan Lachlan Smith Hayden Dyball
U/13 Girl - - -
U/13 Boy Brodie Macfarlane Benjamin Delaney Jacob Barry
U/14 Girl Lan Li - Sophie Costante
U/14 Boy Kyle Smith - -
U/15 Girl Eleanor Hogan - -
U/15 Boy Blair Buchanan - -
U/16 Girl Catherine Simonsen Hannah Hayes -
U/16 Boy Isaac Kirk - -
U/25 Girl - - -
U/25 Boy Kieren Martin Matthew Wells -
U/25 Ladies Short Course - - -
U/25 Mens Short Course - - -
Open Ladies Short Course Leonie Lidgerwood Emily McLelland Lindsay Ponchard
Open Mens Short Course Stuart Thompson - -
Open Ladies Long Course Katie Cole Rebecca Butler Wilma Vandersteit
Open Mens Long Course David Cole Shane Upson Stephen Bain


2016 Interclub Season - Achievement Awards

The following awards are given for effort, achievement, and attitude for boys and girls within each category.  The awards are named in honour of persons who have made an outstanding contribution to Seaford Cross Country over its long history.

U6 - 8 Girls Alex Donaldson Achievement Award Harli Lennon (Seaford)
U6 - 8 Boys Kevin Brown Achievement Award Bailey Thompson (Seaford)
U9 - 12 Girls Jan & Ron Fisher Achievement Award Claudia Cazaux (Chelsea)
U9 - 12 Boys Kerri Jewell Achievement Award Riley Barker (Chelsea)
U13 - 15 Girls Rob Ducat Achievement Award Lan Li (Seaford)
U/13 - 15 Boys Alan Stirling Achievement Award Isaac Kirk (Seaford)
Open Age (all) U25 & Open Age Achievement Award Heath Hayes (Seaford)


Winter Walking Achievement Award

The winner of this award is selected from all walkers, boys or girls, in age groups U6 - 15; for outstanding achievement, commitment, attitude and behaviour.

Emily Smith (Seaford)


Fred Roffey Memorial Award

Winners of this award are also noted for their willingness to assist with weekly duties, both with the running of events, but also encouraging and supporting other athletes.

Shannon Delaney (Seaford)


Interclub Shields

Points are awarded to each athlete for their performance in the weekly competition.  At the end of the season, all athlete's points are totalled (per Centre).  Category Winners for 2016 are as follows:

U6 - 15 Only Chelsea
U6 - 15 + Open Chelsea
Winter Walking Seaford